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International Executive Search

Memela Pratt & Associates is an International Executive search firm that is committed to offering world-class standards to a wide range of industries, clients and candidates.

Have you ever gone through piles of CV’s, called people for interviews and spent time, money and effort on candidates that just didn’t fit the executive portfolio that you needed?

The answer is an international executive search firm that can identify a talented executive that fits your firm’s requirements and specifications. We attract and identify a range of executives that match a variety of job descriptions.

Networking with executive search consultants around the world

What you need is an international company that is able to network with other recruitment consultants. We are a search firm with a referral alliance to over fifty offices around the world. Countries where we are represented include:
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Asia

South Africa and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

Memela Pratt & Associates is a leading international search firm that led the South African industry search market in South Africa. We have years of experience helping organisations and companies that are looking for executives with certain gender or black empowerment specifications. When you are looking for an executive, we conduct our research and start consulting for the best person with the skills you need.

Positioned to source Senior Executives, Non-Executive Directors and middle management

Achieve your business goals with an executive search firm that delivers. Whether you are looking for someone with the necessary qualifications in a South African context or globally, (contact us) to find the candidate you need.

We are focused on servicing clients with leading edge, global research methodologies in the following key areas:
  • Board Services
  • Diversity Appointments
  • Consumer Goods/Retail
  • IT/Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Industrial
  • Financial Services
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